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Welcome. Dr. Stephen Brown and Associates are a professional group specializing in psychiatric, psycho-therapeutic and behavioral health services. Dr. Brown is the physician leader of a team of physician assistants, psychiatric nurse practitioners and therapists who provide outpatient and inpatient services for children and adolescents as well as outpatient therapy for adults.

Effective treatment of children and adolescents often does best in the context of an integrated team. Licensed clinical therapists provide the individual therapy for children, adolescents and young adults and family therapy that is often needed for successfully helping a child or adolescent succeed in their family and community. The therapists have a range of training and expertise and may work with the psychiatrist or physician assistant to provide medical diagnostic assessment and treatment intervention. The team will also work with outside professionals.

Initial Appointments:

For your initial appointment, it is important to provide past testing, school information, and teacher feedback. Completing the provided questionnaires and writing down your own questions will also help facilitate a more comprehensive assessment and treatment discussion. Some evaluations may require more than one appointment to determine optimal interventions. For the first appointment, please download and fill out the initial appointment packet.

Follow-Up Appointments:

Depending on the reason for subsequent appointments, one may be asked to bring further information, do an assignment, fill out information, etc. Please bring that and if possible any information that would be helpful since the last appointment. In general children and adolescents should be accompanied by a parent or guardian unless there was previous discussion of that not happening. Specific other forms may be asked to be completed and are listed.

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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

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